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October 2003 Company in Blue organised in Athens, the first edition of the Young European Entrepreneurs Regatta and Conferences, later followed by Napels in October 2004 and Athens in 2005 again.

Its idea is to introduce the concept of 'Fun Regatta' to young entrepreneurs and managers. This concept means that competitors do not focus as much on the result as on the pleasure of participating the regatta and learning out of it. Each participant is invited to set up a team, made out of colleagues and/or like minded friends. Each yacht takes an average of 6 participants.

Company in Blue does not have the intention to attract experienced skippers but rather amateur sailors and non-sailors. On request, local skippers can be hired with a yacht. All yachts are monotype (Océanis 423, Elan 45) without spinnaker, as to guarantee equal chances to each participant. A strong accent is put on conviviality, acquiring sailing experience, relaxing, developing one's organisational and team-building skills …. and last but not least, networking. Every stretch (average 15 miles a day) is to be followed by a seminar or a lecture, a cocktail, a price giving ceremony and a barbecue or dinner.

Participants should have a strong interest in entrepeneurial activities, with a sound ambition to develop their knowledge, their experience, their business and their network.


Most participants of previous editions have their own business (55%), others are employees on managerial level (45%).
Average age is 38, the youngest being 24, the eldest being over 50. We have a majority of men, with an increasing number of female participants (over 20%). Most participants are coming from Belgium (92%) although, in 2005, efforts will be undertaken to attract French and Dutch entrepreneurs, but being also open to all non-European entrepreneurs.

Company in Blue is a Belgian company established in Brussels. For more than 10 years now, she has been active in yacht charter. She has been arranging sailing and motor yacht charters in the Mediterranean, the Caribbean and the Indian Ocean for both corporate and special interest groups.

Company in Blue include an official travel agency and tour operator (licence A 5498), offering a fully integrated incentive travel and nautical events production.

Since the very first edition, the YEE Regatta and Conferences has been organised in conjunction with Virgin Express, later with its mother company SN Brussels Airlines. The choice of this partner is not just a coincidence: we like to offer «real cost» services, just like the air carrier does. The participants that we are willing to attract to the YEE Regatta & Conferences are business people who appreciate the dynamic approach and the economically sound services offered by this air carrier. The participation fee for the regatta is only 990 euro per person, VAT not included. This price is based on 6 or 8 passengers per yacht (+ eventual skipper) and includes the entire programme, from the air transportation to the nautical part, with several cocktails and meals and all insurances.

The YEE Regatta and Conferences' maximum number of participating yachts is 15.


Seats on our scheduled flights and yachts have been booked. Therefore it is important to register on short notice to enable us to guarantee our services at advantageous prices.

For this reason, we would ask you to confirm your participation before 30th. May 2009. Together with the registration form, we expect payment of 3 times 990 € as a down payment. Balance is payable 1 month before the event.

From 1st June on, we feel free to adapt the registration fee.

Company in Blue offers sponsors diverse opportunities to associate with the YEE Regatta and Conferences: these opportunities start from traditional material or financial support against corporate visibility, but may range as far as the organisation of a product presentation or a short lecture, interviews, etc.

We will also offer our full support to help complete small teams, introduce the YEE Regatta and Conferences to your company, add a specific programme before or after the Regatta, adapt ways of financing and invoicing the costs for establishing any partnership or participate the event.

A professional photographer joins the event and delivers high quality pictures for corporate identity, for press files, and for the organisors use.

To learn about our sponsoring and partnership programmes, open or download the Sponsor's file below. Adobe Acrobat Reader is required, click here to download.

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